Scoring break


The Global Challenge to Prevent Breast Cancer will award two grand prizes. One grand prize will be reserved for the most compelling idea presented by an advocate, patient, consumer, activist, layperson, or anyone else who is not a researcher or scientist. Another grand prize will go to the strongest idea presented by a researcher.

All applicants will receive high-level comments on their proposed eligible idea from prominent researchers and advocates on the Evaluation Panel, based on the three criteria in the scoring rubric: boldness, impact, and relevance.

Finalists will have the opportunity to present their idea to prominent leaders in the field at a meeting in early 2019.

The two grand prize winners will receive:

  • A cash prize of $5,000

  • Public recognition for the idea, including being featured on CBCRP's website, as well as attribution in future funding opportunities based on the proposed concept and other references to the idea

  • The opportunity to work with CBCRP to bring their research idea to fruition

Winners will have the opportunity to work with CBCRP to craft a concept paper, which will form the basis for a research funding opportunity. Winners will also be invited to serve as a consultant to teams that receive a grant from the funding opportunity based on their submitted idea.

Winners based in California or collaborating with California-based researchers may instead apply to the funding opportunity that results from their idea. (This is opportunity is only available to researchers in California or collaborating with California-based researchers, and winners electing to compete for research funding may not participate in the development of the concept paper.)